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Control Valves - Data Sheets

BODY MATERIAL: Cast iron -BS 1452-GR 250 Cast steel -BS 1504-161-GR 480A Stainless steel -BS 1504-316C16

TRIM MATERIAL: Stainless steel, stellite and PTFE.

FLANGES: PN16/25/40. (ANSI125/250, 150/300)


MAX SERVICE TEMPERATURE: According to body material and flange rating.


SEAT TIGHTNESS: Metal-to-metal seats conform to ANSI B16 104 Class 4 shut off. Soft inserts conform to ANSI B16 104 Class 5 shut off.

ACCESSORIES: Valve Positioner. E/P Converter. 3-way Solenoid Valve. Soft Seat. Hand Jack. Air Filter Regulator. Temperature, Pressure and Level Controllers. End of Travel Limit Switches, Bellows Seal.

ELECTRIC ACTUATORS: Details available on request.

Control Valves - Data Sheets

Northvale Korting is dedicated to continual product development; and therefore reserves the right to change dimensional data without prior notice.


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