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Manual Turner

Northvale Korting is looking for a Manual Turner with experience of Herbert 5, Harrison, Dean Smith & Grace machines preferred but not essential. Good rates of pay & opportunity of overtime for the right person.

Send cover letter and CV to Stephen Wright, Managing Director, via post to:

Northvale Korting Ltd,
2 Uxbridge Road,
Leicester LE4 7ST

Or email him via  and mark email for his attention in subject line.


October 2015

Northvale Korting has despatched a specially designed Non-Return Valve for a vey high temperature & high pressure application for use in turbine exhaust gases.

September 2015

Northvale Korting receives order for next stage of specially designed Venturi Eductors for Kuwait Oilfield Project

August 2015

Northvale Korting receives order to replace a large Atomising Desuperheater. The original was supplied by Northvale Korting over 20 years ago, (just outside the warranty period).

Northvale Korting receives large order to supply on board ship eductors to the Royal Navy.

July 2015

Northvale Korting wins order against strong competition for sulphuric Acid Ejectors for South African Fuel Company

June 2015

Northvale Korting received another large contract to supply specially designed Venturi Eductors to a Kuwait Oilfield project.

Northvale Korting secures large order for eductors for refurbishment of Pakistan Navy naval ships

Northvale Korting wins ejector order for large Chinese petrochemical project

May 2015

Northvale Korting wins contract to supply control valves to a prestigious car factory in China.

April 2015

Northvale Korting wins a large order for Venturi Oil Eductors for a Singapore company.

Northvale Korting receives orders for large numbers of Norval check valves to be used in vacuum systems in the USA.

February 2015

Northvale Korting are pleased to welcome Ahrendt Industriearmaturen as a new distributor in Germany. For contact details please refer to our distributor page. We look forward to long business relationship.

January 2015

Northvale Korting is proud to announce that INMARTEK LTD has been named as its new distributor for Greece. We welcome John Katsanis and his team and look forward to a long association. Contact details can be found by clicking Europe on the Global Distributors' page.

November 2014

Northvale Korting wins a large contract against strong competition to supply Inconel Liquid Jet Gas Eductors to a UK company. These eductors are for use in an Induced Gas Flotation unit using water as a motive fluid to entrain H2S / CO2 gas.

October 2014

Northvale Korting purchases the latest FEA (Finite Element Analysis) & CAD (Computer Aided Design) software packages to continue delivering optimum performance in the design of its Venturi Fluid Jet units & packages.

July 2014

Sales visit planned to China and Hong Kong to see potential customers which require our equipment for chemical plants.

June 2014

Northvale Korting has been awarded a large contract for Venturi equipment for a Refinery and Petrochemical Complex in Vietnam.

Northvale Korting is pleased to announce it has an office in France to handle enquiries - Northvale Korting France, based in Paris.

May 2014

Northvale Korting wins order for special Control valves for a China car plant.

Northvale Korting is working with a pump manufacturer to develop a special eductor for its process which will hopefully lead to large orders.

New design of Stainless Steel Modulating Angle Valves with 4-20Am compact positioned now being supplied by Northvale Korting to large brewery to replace competitor's valves that were failing to provide the control & longevity demanded by the brewery.

Northvale Korting receives large enquiry for eductors for major chemical plant in China.

Northvale Korting secures large order to supply Eductors to the Pakistan Navy.

Northvale Korting receives very large value order from prestigious oil company In Singapore for Duplex Fluid Jet Eductors.

April 2014

Darren Wright promoted to position of Production Control / Buying Manager. Congratulations to Darren for all his hard work & good luck in the new position.

Northvale Korting welcomes Ken Schooley, its new National Sales Engineer. Ken joins Northvale bringing a wealth of process engineering knowledge.

Northvale Korting wins two large orders for valves for de-salanation plant destined for export.

March 2014

Northvale Korting wins more orders for valves for a large distillery.

Northvale Korting wins order from Italian process manufacturer for special ejectors in NORSOK Duplex Stainless Steels for a North Sea oil project.

February 2014

Large engine plant manufacturer places orders with Northvake Korting for new design Stainless Steel Modulating Angle Valves with 4-20Am compact positioner.

Northvale Korting wins large order to supply Steam Injector to major Brazilian Oil producer.

Northvale Korting supplies major German manufacturer in the water industry with large quantity of special Norval check valves.

November 2013

Northvale Korting wins contract for special design of eductor for a solids removal system application on a North Sea Oil Platform.

June 2013

Northvale Korting is pleased to announce that Contagas, S. A. In Barcelona has been appointed as its exclusive distributor for Spain for Norval Check Valves & Minimatic Control Valves.

April 2013

Northvale Korting gets an order to supply Angelery Instantaneous water steam to water heaters to Hospitals in Ireland; these are to replace units which have given over 25 years of trouble free service.

March 2013

NK wins large orders to supply specialised Eductors for moving sand slurries from wells in Australasia.

February 2013

NK gains another large order for educators for South American Naval vessels.

January 2013

NK gets orders for Angelery Instantaneous water steam to water heaters to increase the production throughput at a large confectionery maker.

November 2012

NK wins large order for s/steel control valves for desalination plant.

November 2012

Large orders for replacement & spares for Angelery Instantaneous water steam to water heaters for off shore oil rigs in North Sea.

October 2012

Orders won against strong competition for oil & gas pant ejectors in the Far East.

August 2012

Orders received for Stainless Steel Eductors for Aluminium plant in UAE.

June 2012

Northvale Korting is successful in winning a large contract with South American Navy for manufacture and supply of ship's eductors.

May 2012

Northvale Korting secures major order for Sand Eductors for Oil platforms offshore Malaysia. NK has been working with this oil company to design the units to give long service life in arduous conditions.

Apr 2012

Northvale Korting wins a contract from a prominent Indian petrochemical company - against strong competition - for two large, very special venturi-type desuperheaters being used to inject and atomise liquid fuel into a stream of hot inert gas containing contaminants. The injected fuel aids subsequent oxidation of the gas as a means of destroying the contaminants.

The contract includes CFD flow modelling to confirm the distribution of the atomised fuel within the gas.

Jan 2012

Large order won through contractor for BP off shore Clair Ridge Project. Special Eductors for Gas Floatation.

Northvale Korting would like to announce a new Distributor for its products in Australia. Global Supplyline will supply the complete product range and NK looks forward to working with them in the future. Please see the Global Distributor page for contact details.

Dec 2011 & Jan 2012

Northvale Korting wins large orders for control valves against strong competition for car plants in China.

Sep 2011

Orders for eductors for handling sand from sand cleaning packages at oil production in the North Sea.

Jun 2011

Substantial order received for handling steam flow at an animal feed company.

May 2011

Large orders for ejectors and eductors for a Russian oil refinery for vacuum start-up and hydrocarbon fluid pumping duties.

Mar 2011

Orders for eductors for handling sand at oil production facilities in Turkmenistan.

Feb 2011

Further orders received for eductors to be built into Induced Gas Flotation packages which treat produced water from oil production facilities in the Middle East and the North Sea.

Mar 2010

Northvale wins order over local supplier for large mixing eductor module used to keep solids in suspension in a Liquor Storage Tank in a new 600,000 tonne/annum Acid plant in China.

Purified Teraphthalic Acid is used to produce the polyester PET, for making clothing and plastic bottles. Several billion kilograms are produced annually worldwide.

Dec 2009

Another contract won for a steam driven vacuum ejector for a large Russia company. This unit is designed to allow for the start up of a process that runs under vacuum. Steam is driven in to the ejector, and the process vessel to allow the process to start. In addition during maintenance, the noxious fumes within the vessel need to be purged, with this device extracting the fumes.

This device is designed to withstand the extreme cold of the Russian Winter, the heat of the process steam, as well as meeting the exacting Russian technical standards.

Nov 2009

Northvale Korting wins a large order for 6 Multi jet Spray Condensers for a prestigious food manufacturer to replace the existing Northvale Korting units which had run successfully for over 30 years.

These units condense steam from evaporating pans, creating a vacuum, so that the evaporation of water in to steam can happen at a reduced temperature, increasing the thermal efficiency of the process.

Aug 2009

Northvale Korting is pleased to announce the appointment of Ruby Aleman as a distributor in Mexico for Check Valves Control Valves, Mini Control Valves and Korting Fluid Jet. This follows the appointment of Hanwell BV as a distributor in the Netherlands for Check Valves, Control Valves, Mini Control Valves and Korting Fluid Jet in June.

Jun 2009

NK wins a large order to replace 51 vital eductors on Naval War Ships to be completed and delivered in August.

Mar 2009

NK has secured an order from a European shipbuilder to supply the first of two ship-sets of bilge eductors. These will be installed on the Australian Navy's Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide. This order follows the successful supply of eductors for the Spanish Navy's LHD Juan Carlos 1.

Nov 2008

Large thermocompressor contract for China: Northvale Korting is to supply 250mm adjustable thermocompressors which have been designed to take very low pressure steam exiting from a specialised petrochemical process and compressing it to a higher pressure sufficient for re-use in a steam main.

Oct 2008

Nk secures prestigious order for Venturi products for used as heaters and mixers for a Brazilian Petro chemical plant.

Jul 2008

NK gets contract to supply a Russian company for 4-off jacketted stainless steel steam ejectors for the Combined Sulfur Recovery Section of a petrochemical refinery.

May 2008

NK signs contract to supply Venturi equipment for the UK's two New aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth & HMS Prince of Wales.

Jan 2008

NK wins two large orders to supply Steam Ejectors to Russian customers. One is for ejectors for venting steam turbine condensers at a methanol producer. The other is for start-up ejectors in a Catalytic Cracking Complex at a petrochemical refinery.

Sep 2007

Northvale Korting wins large order for S/Steel Eductors for prestigious plant in China used for creating process vacuum as part of an expansion of a large refinery.

Jul 2007

FST Northvale Korting wins large order for Venturi Products from ABU DHABI for oil water treatment / removal.

Jul 2007

FST Northvale Korting beats off strong competition to win prestigious contract from a UK Ship Builder to supply Fluid Jet Products on Off Shore Patrol Vessels.

Jul 2007

FST Northvale Korting is awarded the sales distributorship for Aerco water heater and valves in UK & Ireland. They already held the licence for over 30 years to manufacture the "Angelery" water heaters in their Leicester factory but can now market and sell these as well to offer the customer a complete package.

Jun 2007

FST Northvale Korting secures large order in HONG KONG for control valves through our local distributor.


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